30 September 2009


I am far from home today, exploring the future of the USA, namely Istanbul. Why I think so I will explain when I get back, but for now let me just say it is not so bad. In fact, we could
do a lot worse. But heck, I have only been here a little over 12 hours. What do I know?

Stay tuned.

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Steve Best said...

I hope you have some time to enjoy that amazing city. I was just there a month ago for the first time, and thought it was quite an interesting place. Aside from the obvious things to see (Aya Sofia, Blue Mosque, etc.) and amazing food, it was interesting to see a city where seemingly polar opposites in religious mindset seem to co-exist rather well. Granted, I didn't speak the language well to understand this, but there didn't seem to be the religious tension between traditional and modern (or conservative and liberal, as one might perceive them to be) that seems to have risen in our country in the past decade.
Anyway, I look forward to hearing your thoughts, and perhaps your travel stops, just because it was such an interesting place.