05 August 2009

What Summer?

Every few years events conspire to undermine summer expectations.

I always knew we were going to have to repair and repaint part of my house. That was planned and expected. We were expecting to send our younger son to college and our older son to grad school. What we did not expect was having one of our cars totalled and that our son's college ask him to come this fall instead of in January.

These two things reveal how precarious our midlife middle class lives are that two small events can have a major impact on our daily lives. We are so entangled in planned things (even in the 'slower' months of summer) that unplanned things unwind the whole spool. My vegetable patch has gone untended for the last week as I went to Chicago for a conference and came back to hold a meeting about that conference. The zuccini plant has grown so unruly that I have but one zuke to show for it (a world record I am sure) and my sunflowers flopped over because I did not anticipate their heavy heads would overwhelm their stalks. At least I have harvested a few real tomatoes and some honest grean beans.

Because my brain is not what it used to be, I failed to inform my radio colleague in advance of my absence in Chicago last week, which left him high and dry without warning. Missing or failing to change appointments is a sure signal I am over stretched.

What's really eating me is that I am trying to plan a full year of worship services (with my colleague clergy partner) and that 'important' task for which I was called here is being chopped up by all the 'urgent' tasks of running a church institution or chairing a non profit or repairing a house or fixing a car.

Too bad the story of Alexander and the Gordian knot is a myth. We cannot simply cut through things and let the chips fall, as it were. Those chips are people and principles and duties. They make the world run. But right now they seem to be running me.

Summer is supposed to be fulle of lazy, hazy, crazy days, right?

Lazy? Not even a little. Hazy? You bet, if that means my brain. But Crazy? Absolutely.

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