05 July 2009

The Pen Is Mightier

Set off some sparklers last night, not even a dozen. That was the extent of my patriotic display. That and observing the local recreation of the War of Independence when two "teams" faced 9off in a water balloon fight downtown. “Oh, the humanity.”

Somehow the grand displays of patriotism do not feed me. I thought it was cynicism until just before bed I realized I show my patriotic commitment four times a year – January 15, Apil 15, June 15 and September 15. Those are the quarterly estimated tax days, when self employed folks send in their money.

It occurred to me last night that many people cheering fireworks from coast to coast and feeling their breasts swell with pride when hearing songs like “I’m Proud to Be An American,” or “God Bless America” are the first ones to complain when it comes to paying taxes. We rightfully revere those who serve in harm’s way, but are not taxes a sacrifice as well? How come it is OK to die for one’s country but not pay for one’s country?

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