11 June 2009

A Few Interesting Thoughts…

... Inspired by recent commentary I have read while ellipticalizing at the Y.

Yes, Virginia, there is a deficit, and no it is not the current President’s fault. David Leonhardt parses the problem nicely. Economically, we’re asking the president to play the Pullman porter for the Texas good ol’ boy who left the train with a smile and the car littered with bottles and cheetos.

But hey, we were all at that party. As Joe Nocera shows us, talking to distaff economist Jeremey Grantham, we got into this mess with an evangelical faith in certain economic ideas that made us blind to reality the way biblical literalism blinds some to the reality of evolution. If you think you are not gullible, read it and think again.

One of my favorite voices, Nicholas Kristof, reminds us once again of the pernicious temptations of racism in explaining our problems and the simple if daunting solutions to a lot of our problems. We spend as much effort ignoring reality as it takes to face it. Dumb. So dumb.

Last December I lobbied our state senate about an anti-bullying bill that ultimately died. So it was cool to see something about the phenomenon, and a fresh analysis of how to approach it.

Just a bit of what passes under my ever older eyes. For those who may not have much experience, this is what lots of newspapers used to do. If you’ve wondered why America seems to have slipped somewhat from its high reputation, one reason is that we no longer read (or want to read) newspapers.

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