01 May 2009

A Star Is Born?

Well, perhaps a spark. A clergy friend invited me to be his opening act for a local, low watt, lefty radio show here in greater GR this morning. Two hours of left wing religion chat.

It was supposed to be a call in thing, but nobody called. Provoking one of those riddles about trees falling in forests and such, I suppose.

I guess the signal was very weak, or the spirit for those who told themselves they would listen and call.

Whatever. It was fun. I never lack for things to yammer about. The best part was that my host chose an old disco tune, "A Fifth of Beethoven," to be the theme music. So I constantly made cracks about dicso balls, mojitos, and being Studio 666. We got down.

But being over fifty, we found it hard to get up. (rim shot) But seriously folks, help him out next week. I won't be there, but he will. It's WPRR, 1680AM.

If you do call, ask for me, OK? Say, "Where's Fred at?" Build some viral mojo, friends, and get your pastor back on the air. This could be the start of something big.

(or not.)

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