29 April 2009

Cooler Out, Warmer In

The weather has veered back toward the cool, temps hovering slightly below 60 with Flemish painterly skies looming, pocked with blue lit patches. Very stirring.

My mood has warmed, not in the sentimental sense but in the moral sense. I am reading Gary Dorrien's enormous 3 volume history of Liberal Theology in America. Almost dead center, that is in the front half of the second volume I have re-encountered Walter Rauschenbusch. But it feels like the first time, as the extensive analysis by Dorrien and the new timeliness of his century old notions of the social gospel make him stand out as a powerful critic and prophet. They also make me think he may be the strongest voice for progressive religion in this era, better even than he was when he lived.

So I shall go in search of more. First to other historians and their sense of his ideas, and then to his works to read them directly. Would anyone like to join me?

(While pondering that, read Robert H. Frank's comment from the Sunday NYTimes. Tell me what you think about that, too.)

Now back to my book. Yes, I have resumed writing, but it is hard and my literary muscles are quite stiff.

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