27 April 2009

Another Salty Day

Remember the Morton reference? Good! No need to repeat myself.

Day full of stuff, including rain. Got well soaked on the way home as the wind inverted my umbrella four times.

There was a whole lotta weather these past few days. A week ago winter was still clinging with temps in the 40s and then, suddenly, it was in the 80s. Sure, I was in Ohio for a school sporting event, but I think going from ten degrees below normal to twenty above normal in 36 hours is uncalled for.

It was also windy Saturday. Really windy. And again yesterday. And again today. What is this, Oklahoma? When I lived in Texas abrupt changes in temps, winds, rains, and such were part of the mystique and sorta fit the rugged open countryside. But up here in the old Northwest and the hearty midwest, such stuff is just weird. My sister in law in Vermont wrote that it was 91 there too.

Weird. And Just plain wrong, too. My house went from heating to air conditioning in less than a week. Are the electric and gas companies conspiring to make me spend money? Couldn't I have a week or two with just an open window? It's been known to happen. I remember it. We called it spring.

If it helps, even humans are being weird as well. College application season refuses to be over. My son will not have a definitive answer from his first choice until the end of May. May! Don't even get me started on that one.

The recession hit my church in the form of staff reductions last week. Few conversations are more difficult than telling people who work hard and love their work that they can't do it any more.

Then this week I read how the big boy bankers are all upset about being told that rescue money makes them take lower pay and follow more rules. Unjust they say. Just ask my staff, and the workers of GM and a few others who now stand in line at the employment office what unjust really means.

But where is the outrage? We live in lotto land, the casino state, every one of us willing to risk real poverty for the tiny hope of vast wealth. All or nothing is what America is about. When did we stop thinking enough was enough, and too little really was too little, and too much really is too much? Everything today is weird.

One thing I thought about today, in this too hot too too windy world, was how Lenin once said capitalists will sell the rope that will hang them. Right now, in this weird place, that has an appealing ring.

As a boy scout I was very good at knots.

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Revwilly said...

I'm sorry about your staff reductions. It's not hard for me to imagine that if every giver in your congregation sacrificed just a few more dollars a week the reductions could have been avoided.