29 March 2009

What A Waste

Spent most of the pm doing very little. That's the whole sabbath notion, of course, so it is not exactly a sin. Why then do I feel so guilty for doing nothing?

Because there is so much to do. And writing this is just another evasion. Ok, I did iron my shirts for while and read the Sunday paper (on Sunday no less!) and updated my calendar. Not quite the slug I feel like.

But I have filing to do, and writing, and studying, and preparing the yard for spring (I think we'll have it on a Tuesday this year), and somehow finding a way to run a $1m church on about $800k, and bringing new life to the the local Urban League which I chair, and wondering why I cannot animate our local LGBT friendly clergy group (despite two cold but very positive public actions in December and February), and working on a book I have written 25% of (I think) and want so much to continue writing but instead have all these other things to crowd my head.

It's after 9 pm and I got up at 5 this morning when the power went out. Despite all I have to do, bed is the best plan for now.

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