22 March 2009

Peck On The Cheek

I owe you more than a brief kiss on the way out the door, but it is Sunday morning and the beginning of my work week.

Grim words continue to tumble from pundit lips about the economy, both left and right. Pope Benedict seems as tone deaf socially as he is attuned musically and theologically. The leader of Sudan is following the Mugabe mode. Altogether an inauspicious sabbath.

I suppose we all retreat into emotional and intellectual nests when the weather gets rough. It's when leaders do this (witness the intense retreat of Republicans into their ideology about taxes in recent weeks) that they cease to lead.

When there is a vacuum in leadership, that is when the needs of today are not being met by the ideas of yesterday, something or someone will come and fill it. That's where the danger lies. Pray that those we have asked to lead really do so. And realize any of us can be called to lead in times like this these.


Revwilly said...

How are the Republicans any more ideological than Democrats on the tax issue? And unless I've misunderstood, in your opinion Republicans can only leading if they agree with the Democrats. Help me out, I'm sure I'm missing something.

B-T-W - this may surprise you - I am a registered Democrat but don't vote straight ticket and sometimes don't vote at all when I have to choose to what seems to me to be the lesser of two poor choices such as we had in our last Presidential election. I would have voted for Hilary over McCain.

WFW said...

Once again I have failed to be clear, I fear. My point was that everyone reacts to tough times by retreating into familiar places - in this case the ideological not the physical. My illustration was apt, but only an illustration not a judgment. Democrats are less united (as ever) so their ideologues are not as loud or as potent in the public eye. While I may wish the president did some things differently, I do not experience him as the 'radical communist' Alan Keyes called him. If anything his cool pragmatism tends to make him seem undefined and unclear, reactive rather than proactive. Mind you I said, seem. And given that he just completed two months on the job, a job that truly cannot be trained for and allows no learning curve, I am going to be a bit more tolerant of him for now than I am of those who are veterans of their place in the national leadership.