17 March 2009

Morton Minutes

When it rains... it pours.

Five memorials in three weeks. I have only to take part in two but for a church, even a large one, that's a lot of grief.

Nothing is harder , and nothing is more satisfying, than to conduct a funeral or memorial. The essence of it is quite simple. Years ago, summoned to DC to do a service for an absent member of my former church, I told the widow that my role is to be "God's Butler," the person who shows you in, escorts you down the hall, opens the door, tells you what to expect, and otherwise to accompany you through daunting and unfamiliar territory. Simple, but never easy.

I will do that again this Thursday, once again trying to meet the challenge of comforting loss without denying the real pain of grief, and offering hope without denying the reality of death. More often than I deserve this has happened.

Yes, nothing is more satisfying than this. No wonder I am so tired afterwards.

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