08 March 2009

I Need Help

For some reason I cannot see the text of my blog entries on the blog site itself. Anyone have any idea how that happened?

Anyway, I am done with preaching today and now preparing for preparing for taxes. This year is interesting because I have an entering college freshman next fall so all these things matter in news ways. This is new to me as my eldest studied in Canada where FAFSA is a non issue. Furriners do not get financial aid. My youngest has been accepted at a Canadian school as well as stateside schools. I live in hope.

Since I am just muttering, let me tell you something my very smart spouse told me yesterday in response to the vitriolic political comments swirling about. First, check out yesterday’s column in the NYTimes from Bob Herbert to get the idea. I'll wait here...

She, my wife, says that the Republican Party seems to have decided they will stand back and wait for the Administration and the Democrats to fail. They are convinced theirs is the right way to govern, she thinks, and we citizens voted them out because the party ran the wrong candidate or the Democrats deceived everyone somehow. But when we find out the Democrats are wrong, we will come back them like a philandering spouse, eager and apologetic.

I have often said modern conservatism is more theology than ideology, that they are convinced of their moral superiority and thus their right to be in charge. Their defeat in November thus cannot mean they are wrong, because being wrong would destroy their identity. To agree with that would amount to ideological suicide.

For a generation, Democrats did the same thing, telling themselves that someday people would wake up to the Republican deception and come running back to the true party. There are some who still think so and interpret November as their vindication.

Wrong. Neither party can claim the moral mantle of chosen one. Taking turns is something we all learn in kindergarten. Right now we need more left of center leadership, as the times require it. Someday we will need right of center leadership again. I may reoice in the former and lament the latter, but I am grown up enough to remember the rule of taking turns. How strange and sad that the grownups in charge seem to have forgotten it.


Robin Edgar said...

"I have often said modern conservatism is more theology than ideology, that they are convinced of their moral superiority and thus their right to be in charge."

Couldn't one say exactly the same thing about modern liberalism aka progressive*ism, Fred?

Christine Robinson said...

I agree
Try re-booting

WFW said...

Robin, IU think I did suggest that liberal'ism' and such are also prone to idolatry at the end of the column. It was more inferential, but being even handed was not my point.

Christine, the gremlins went away for now. Computer gremlins that is. Political gremlins never leave.

Revwilly said...

Welcome back. I've missed reading your blog. I love the way you write and speak.