20 March 2009

Dodged That Bullet

Well, I had a stress test today. There are two forms. One is when you are pregnant and they give you pitocin to see if you got into full blown labor. The other is when you walk on a fast steep treadmill and see if you have a heart attack. You can see where the stress part comes in.

I am not pregnant so you can surmise it was the other stress test I took.

This is a marker of age, as only sick people get them when they are young. I have had some chest pain in recent weeks and the doctor said it is either incipient heart disease or GERD - heartburn with legs. Having had neither angina nor indigestion I could not tell which one it was, and so the doc said, "take some zantac and get a stress test."

My pain has subsided a bit with the zantac, but not completely (it's not that much pain really, like muscle pain that never quite goes away.) And today I got up on the treadmill, my greying chest stuck with pasties connected to wires, and a blood pressure cuff on my left arm.

Off I went, and fifteen minutes later it was over.

I work out harder than that.

My heart is fine, my blood pressure even went down at first.

The only downside was peeling off the pasties and giving up my real workout for Friday.

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Robin Edgar said...

For a second there Fred I thought that you might be switching to that *other* tiny American fringe religion lumped in with Unitarian*Univeralism, Eckankar, Santeria and Druidism etc. etc. in the American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS 2008). . . ;-)

Glad to see that your heart is doing OK.