12 February 2009

What A Week

In case you haven’t read between the lines, my church is going to try and raise additional money, a lot, before cutting costs. We’ve given ourselves until Easter.

My expert friends say the chance of success rises the closer people get to each other, that is, when someone actually asks someone for money. That’s something we have not done here, and so we have the double challenge of meeting an extraordinary need in an extraordinary way.

So, using examples from others in the ‘philanthropy’ field, I have written out information and instructions for those who will be doing the asking. I’ve helped assemble a team who will mobilize themselves and others to go speak to people. And there is all the communicating with the church to let them know why, what, how, when and so forth.

I know we’re not the only one to be dealing with this. How come I haven’t heard about it, though? We read daily about businesses struggling, but nothing about houses of worship. Clergy life is notably lonely, and yet, in a time when we are saying we should be reaching out and helping each other the least likely to do so are those who are preaching it – literally.

So here’s the deal, fellow clergy friends. Tell me how it’s going with you. Be anonymous if you want. If all is well say how grateful you are. If times are rough, say so. Tough times invite us to be tender toward each other. But it takes a bit of courage to admit it.

I just did. Who wants to join me?

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