15 February 2009

If I Only Had The Nerve

Spoke on courage today, because it is something I was not given in abundance. Maybe I need to become a Republican, as they have nerves of steel (or something else made of brass, forgive me) for Senators in DC to say the president has not been bipartisan as he promised.

It takes two, friends. Bipartisan is not another word for, "Please sir, may have another." Now, you can be the loyal opposition, defending your ideological stand all you want. But you cannot defend your own position without real compromise and then criticise someone else for not giving in to it.

When someone says he is willing to play ball, but the other fellow then insists on playing by his rules (which seem to include ceding the game at the outset), to call the first fellow a bad sport is either delusional (which makes you crazy) or deceitful (which makes you vile).

Your ideology drove the economy off a cliff, made the Constitution into scrap paper and convinced voters to elect someone else. He was being nice to you, a good sport in the world I grew up in. You are like those sore losers from my childhood who pretend they didn't lose, hoping to change reality by refusing to accept it.

But that's the sort of thinking that made you a a minority. Go ahead, bite the hand extended. Next time you'll get a rolled up newspaper on the nose.

Not really, but you should.


Robin Edgar said...

Well I guess I had the nerve, or perhaps I should say Rev. Dr. Eric Theodore Cartman had the nerve. ;-)

All in good fun Fred, albeit while making a number of serious points that I believe need to be made.

jen said...


Instead of a rolled up newspaper, can we stick their nose in the pile of sh*t they left on the carpet?