14 February 2009

Dance The Night Away

My son brought his friends home between dinner and the school dance. Yes, there are still dances, and at his school they are encouraged to date formally - ask someone out, give flowers, go to dinner, attend the dance. That sounded sort of retrograde when we heard about it four years ago, but now I am seeing some wisdom. He has learned how to do this whereas neither his brother (nor I for that matter) ever did. He likes dressing up - suit, tie! - and has even learned to dance. I can wear the suit well enough, but he laps me when it comes to dancing for sure.

They are still kids, actually seniors in high school now, but still kids in the way they play and shout and even fight. Nothing of gravity has touched them yet - the boys still boys even in their suits and the girls still girls despite their shimmery dresses and high heels. It is sweet, and funny, and encouraging to someone who often wonders whether the world is on the right track.

Right now they are leaving. I can hear the car doors opening and their voices loud and merry in the cold. I feel almost as good as I did on election night.

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Nessa McCasey said...

Dear Fred, I so wish that my son could have a night like that. But probably never will it happen. Oh well, I guess that means I don't worry about some stuff, too.