01 January 2009

Got Milk?

Wife and I go to one movie a year (a long story and not all that interesting) and New Year's Eve is when we do it. We are partial to movies with something to say, not just entertainment.

Our first, over fifteen years ago now, was "A River Runs Through It." We rememebred the book, and the movie was almost as good. See it, and enjoy Brad Pitt when he was just a pretty face.

Some years later we saw "Mrs. Parker's Vicious Circle" soon after moving to New York. That was also timely. Reminded us that all those Algonquin wags and sages were kids, barely thirty. What wits, what wags, what livers!

This year we saw "Milk," which, being about Harvey Milk and his work to defeat Proposition 6 in the late 1970s seemed appropos following the struggle over California Proposition 8.

See it. Please. If you live near me, it is not likely to stay around a long time. There was even some rumor it would not be shown because of its subject.

Yes, there are men kissing romantically. And no, it is not yucky or gross but actually very touching. And the story itself, surely polished for publication, nonetheless reminded me of how far we have come and how far we have yet to go, toward being a land of 'liberty and justice for all.'

I am not Harvey Milk. But I do want to recruit you. See the movie. Then tell me how anything less than equality even resembles justice.

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