31 December 2008

Same Old New Year

Just a few minutes to spare before doing something ceremonial about the New Year.

Work was very quiet this week. I managed to clear my desk and read backlogged stuff piled on the shelf behind me. The urgency of clocks and deadlines slowed to a crawl and this is perhaps the most wonderful gif of the season. A generation ago, when I started this life, January was itself slower, notably in winter places. But now that electronics has connected everything and revved them all up, even January is fast. That makes this week between Christmas and New Years’ the ‘most wonderful time of the year,’ for me.

And after tomorrow it will be over all too soon. As with every year the quarterly taxes are due in January, but for the first time I must file a FAFSA form for our (presumed) college entrant next fall. I am cooking soup for the congregation on Sunday, a labor of love but a labor notwithstanding. The next week I am having some church leaders over for a meal and conversation. Two weeks later I must travel to Westchester County to preach for an ordination (a task and honor I have never done before.) All good things, desirable things, but demanding things as well.

When will I read, study, pray, write? In the gaps between tasks. Once again, the important and meaningful are elbowed aside by the urgent and demanding. And yet somehow, it will all happen. Not a ringing testimony, but faith nonetheless.

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