01 December 2008

Drunk Man Walking

No I am not drunk, but referring to the statisticians example of randomness, the 'drunkard's walk.' If you click on the link the Wikipedia article would quiclkly make you think I am way smarter than I am. I only meant to refer to the general notion.

Anyway, I just had a few random thoughts that string together in no consicous order.

- You probably make more mistakes than you realize, and that means you get more forgiveness than you know. We mostly forgive and that is probably pretty good in the long run.

- It's hard to separate tenacious from stubborn. Maybe it's all about who is doing the talking, the tenacious one or the poor fellow who has to deal with the stubborn one.

- The more you learn the less you know.

- One size does not fit all, even with spandex. I don't mean clothes so much as economic policy. Sometimes we need less regulation, sometimes more. Sometimes taxes should be high, sometimes low. All the various systems work, and probably should be used. The trick is knowing which to do when.

- We need leaders, but not so much. Everyone talks about the need for 'leadership' but I think the real challenge is followership. Following is powerful stuff but no one wants to be one and it's not the stuff of books in airports.

- It's gets late earlier and earlier. See ya!

1 comment:

Revwilly said...

I agree with you on the follower thing. Amazon has a number of titles on the subject. As a leader I need to become a better follower.