02 November 2008

Time Out!

Envy is a big problem for me, with two exceptions. My sons. Somehow whatever they do well, even better than me, especially better than me, makes me glad.

Like my older son who lives on the west coast for now, and calls every week even though we never asked him to, and told me this evening about how he believes America totally misunderstands the political terms ‘left’ and ‘right,’ as these are European terms that have completely different origins than our versions of liberal and conservative. How astute and insightful that is. Never occurred to me.

And he is realizing how organizations, even noble not for profits like the one he works for right now, being staffed with humans, have as many flaws and foibles as the people who work for then. It took me twenty years to stop hitting myself over the head with that hammer.

And my younger son, rabid with electoral madness and spending every available hour at Obama headquarters, was wondering why we don’t make election day a holiday so everyone can get to the polls. I didn’t tell him other countries already do that, because he should find out how smart he is by accident which is the best way.

He’s right. Election Day should be a national holiday. Not only would it smooth out waiting to vote, it would signify that the act of choosing our government takes precedence over making a buck. Except that it might violate the first amendment I would also make it campaign free. For one day, the people and they alone should speak.


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Ruth Bruns said...

Bless your heart, Fred! As usual, you're speaking eloquently to my condition.
Thanks for another keeper.