12 November 2008

I Am Chatterbox This Week

Haven't made so many posts in a week in a long time. And it's not like I have all this time to kill either.

Here's the deal, as Perot used to say (anyone remember him? anyone care?) There is so much stuff literally stuffing my brain about using blogs and facebook that I cannot figure it out. Make that, I cannot take the time to figure it out.

Yes, I got the slide show thing going. That wasted an evening as I figured out how to upload pictures to Google Album and so on. Twice I have tried to add a feed from my blog to the facebook page, as it seems these are synergistic. But each time it has bombed out.

Can anyone really sort out deli.cio.us, digg, yelp, stumble, scramble, hulu, and widgets and gadgets and posts and feeds? This blog is hopelessly out of date, technically (technology is the study of technique, as I was tought long ago, when we wrote on slate boards atr school and on shovels with coal at night, which was an improvement over those wax tablets for sure) and I never hope to keep up. But at least show me around so I don't wander into traffic and get pasted for just posting.

Make it short, though. Kind of a laminated card like those folding maps tourists buy.

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