06 November 2008

Holy Mackerel And Other Fishes...

Firstly, a shout and whoop for the outcome on Tuesday. I am sorry I didn't say so yesterday, but was traveling and far from a keyboard. Besides, everyone had something to say yesterday and so there was not a pressing need.

Sometime soon I will opine of course, but the many things stirred up by this campaign and its outcome will take a long time to sift out.

Second, I am in awe of Facebook. Thanks to a reader, a follower of mine (which means someone over there on the left) I have a facebook page. On Monday afternoon, before visiting the Jewish Museum of NY to see it Dead Sea Scroll exhibit, I had a thought. With much helkp my my assisant, we posted the sermon on the blog and then sent word out that it was there on Facebook.

Ordinarily I get maybe 30 visits a day. If you click on the "check my stats" link over there (not now after you finish) you will see that 357 people came by that day.

After 3 p.m.


If you were one of them, meaning someone who has never dropped by before, tell me (and all of us reading this) what made you drop by and how you found out? I am really intrigued.

Now tell me what it would take to do it again. Obviously, something cool is happeneing via Facebook but I need to know more. Tell me.

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