08 November 2008


Technology changes faster than I can keep up. This blog is hopelessly Luddite compared to the stuff others are doing - ads, photos, sound, fury… Still, in the interests of keeping you amply stimulated and me famous (stop laughing, I was being ironic) I introduced a new look and today both a new picture and at the bottom of each post a reaction list you can check to tell me your opinion.

(note: I have corrected misspellings twice already, due to my first episode of Reynaud's syndrome today. It makes my fingers tingle, the same ones I use to to type, which even when I have my feeling intact I do but poorly.)

If you hate the idea of having check off boxes, check ‘weird’ and I will get rid of them. That’s the beauty of the blogosphere, it can change daily.

Yesterday the sun was bright as I passed beside some ginko trees that had been denuded of their yellow leaves very recently. Lying on the ground they looked very like flower petals, curled and cupped and soft. In the late afternoon light they were brilliant even as I stepped on them.

Today has been cold and gray and rainy. I doubt the ginko leaves are what they were yesterday.


Robin Edgar said...

"That’s the beauty of the blogosphere, it can change daily."

I expect that George Orwell might not consider the fact that the blogosphere, and indeed the internet more generally, can change daily to be beautiful.

WFW said...

Once again beauty is in the eye, so to speak. But as tyranny was Orwell's great nightmare, and tryanny is about control over others, and control hates change, Orwell would as likely seen the good and the bade, the beautiful and the ugly, in this brave new world of bits and bytes.