09 November 2008

3 - 0 So Far...

So far all THREE who voted want the reaction boxes gone. 115 of you read it though. I guess this is where the voter apathy went after Tuesday.

Speaking of which, again, there are all sorts of analyses out there of course. The only thing more fun than the game is the post-game right? At my age, meaning after plenty of times I was way wrong, pretending to know why and wherefore is just that, pretense. One good thing is certain, a whole lot of people are now more invested in what the country is about.

When I was involved, too briefly, with the Industrial Areas Foundation, a community organizing group, getting people to care was the first hurdle. We had to overcome the cynicism poor and powerless people had and which was part of keeping them poor and powerless.

Did you see the phrase "community organizing?" Has it occurred to anyone that the skills and techniques the president-elect got 'back in the day' were exactly what he used to rally a whole country. We've been organized! Holy s&%t!

Of the sad things in my life was realizing I have no gift for organizing people. Fortunately, as a religious liberal, being organized is against my religion so it is not a sin. But if the movement is to thrive it has got to get organized, and I am so annoyed that I cannot help that happen. Maybe if we sent all our clergy to the IAF Ten Day Training we might stand a chance. I just hope there's still room for a few solitary misanthropic seers like me.

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Tatanka49 (aka John) said...

I like your new multi-photoed picture...now that's organizing!