30 August 2008

You Go, Johnny!

Well, that was a surprise. Mind you, I mentioned Governor Palin months ago as a rising star in the political firmament. Like others who saw Senator Obama in 2004, I pegged her as a “next gen” candidate. You can read all about it in the paper and on other sites, the twist and turns and spin it all means. Let me say something unlikely to be heard in the din.

Diversity is now normal. With each party fielding a ticket that is not two old white men, from this point forth that will be the exception.

One or the other will win, right? And that means one or the other will be running for re-election, right? So the next time we could possible have four old white guys will be 2016, by which time congress and state houses will be filled with 30-something officials moving into their forties. And as a group they will be racially more complex, and more of them will be women as well. By then we will see color and gender diversity as normal in candidates as well. How cool is that?

This is a watershed moment, friends. And John McCain did it. I won’t vote for him in November because I do not share his party values, and he may not have done it in order to change the country. One way or the other, though, because of his willingness to take a risk, we have been changed. For the better in my estimate. He has my respect.

Now, how about a gay president?

Don’t hold your breath.

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