20 August 2008

More Soon, I Promise

Summer turned out to be anything but relaxed. Nothing wrong, far from it. But after a jaunt to Austin this weekend (business and pleasure) I will heve been on the road three separate times this summer, five if you count preaching dates locally to Ann Arbor and Holland. That makes for a busy summer. And Labor Day is just two weeks off.

Good news: repainted the rest of my garage (except that back wall which is inaccessible except by scaffolding and invisible except for the neighbor behind me), washed half the downstairs windows on my 1887 house (that turned out to be a week's work in itself), harvested three tomatoes and two meals worth of snap peas, signed the contract for some landscaping we've been planning for two months, read the Cambridge Bible Commentary on Joshua, Judges, Samuel Kings, and Isaiah, and practiced the piano (heard improvement!).

I also finished the first part of a book, a spiritual autobiography, and am well into the second part, and hope to be done with that by All Souls Day and the manuscript itself by next spring. (This is not the book I want to write, but the one I need to write.)

Won't share that yet. Too raw. But I am scouring for typos in a short book (15,000 words) built from sermons on the constitution. Hoped to have it done in June. Maybe next week. The church will have snazzy copies on line in September. You can get a boring text version by writing me directly.

Undone: the rest of the windows, cleaning the basement, organizing my financial papers and plans, hanging a shelf for a model boat, replacing the flood light on my front porch, the rest of my first floor windows, and a whole lot of church work.

Found new levels of self recrimination about my inadequate leadership skills. (Been practicing that for a very long time, by the way, and as a result am very good.) Still, it is tough to be able to see what could be and not be able to get there. I think alternately of Sisyphus and Tantalus. (Leaders do not muse on Greek myths, i think. But as the sailor said, I Yam What I Yam.)

Gotta pack. More next week.

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