04 May 2008

Only A Minute...

... but as I am not preaching this morning my brain can wander a bit before heading out to church.

Thinking about what it means to live by your principles. More and more I am convinced that unless your core values shape your daily life they really aren't your core values. Something tells me that what I eat, wear, own, and do must somehow be in service to what I believe and hold dear. Not by accident either but on purpose.

But how to do that without becoming a moralistic prig or some sort of correctness cop? There's the challenge. This morning is quite pleasant and I am planning to walk to church, as I usually do. But there's a clothing drive and carrying the box for 3/4 of a mile would be arduous. But driving is dumb.

No one said living right would be easy, right?


Kelly R. said...

Dear Mr. Wooden,
Im a student at Jenison High School. I go to a more reformed church and was wondering if when i come for a visit we could talk for a few minutes. I want to know what you and your church believe for a different point of view and hopefully use what i learn for my World Religions Project. Im hopefully coming this sunday (May 11) Thanks for your time!

WFW said...

Hello Kelly R.,

Thanks for commenting/connecting. My schedule is all sorts of strange, but it might be possible. Contact my assistant at the church, her extension is 221, and see what can work.

One question.

How did you find my blog?