30 April 2008

Last Chance...

... to make me spend $100. That's right, today is the last day to force me to make good on my promise to match the first $100 given to reforestation. If you give $100 to plant 100 trees through The Nature Conservancy by the end of April, meaning 11:59 p.m. EDT, I will match it.

Think about it a moment....

Yes, someone who spends only $15 can force me to spend $100, or fifteen of you out there, you few that read this electronic rag, can gang up on me and do it for a buck a piece. In fact, I have a friend who has handed me $1 to put us over the top when we get to 99, and so it will take only 14. How good a deal is that?

Then I shall be 20% of the way to my long term goal. If I succeed, with your help of course, it is sobering that even 1000 trees is less than half the carbon offset I need to equal what my house alone adds to the atmosphere. By my calculation , I would need to plant 2500 trees a year to offset all the carbon from my house. At $1 a tree that means $2500 a year.

When you start measuring the unmeasured costs of modern life (and carbon is only one measure. What about garbage, clean water, paper, and so on?) it is clear to me that our many conveniences are far more expensive that we realize.

For example, I love fresh strawberries, and this time of year they are abundant in the store. But these are California berries, trucked in, which means diesel fuel, which means pollutants. Next consider that most are picked by immigrants, lots of them undocumented, which is why they are so inexpensive because the cost of shipping is less than the cost of paying the workers so little.

When you take the time to look at the things that are apparently so cheap, the cost is easy to see. But we generally do not want to see the cost because then we either have to change our behavior or accept the guilt. Neither of those are All American traits.

We've got a tough road ahead, I think. Why not make it a shady one and buy a tree?


Marie said...

I couldn't resist.

WFW said...

What a relief. I have never wanted to spend $100 so much and was afraid we would not make it.