09 April 2008

Guilty? Yes. Ashamed? No.

Thanks to those who got my trees off to a start. Like I said, if you donate the first 100 I will match them personally, but only if you out there give the first 100. Each tree costs $1. How easy is that?

I’ll get back to my recent journeys next time. Today I’ll indulge an indulgence. That is to say, I’ll tell you about a toy I bought myself.

While in California a colleague showed me his iphone, the apple cell phone. I am not a big cell phone user, except when traveling, so its charms were appealing but there was not way to justify buying one.

While in Boston I misplaced my cell phone. As I was traveling, getting a new one was important so I went to an AT&T store nearby to replace it. “Maybe I should get an iphone,” ran through my mind. But it turns out that one needs to activate on your personal computer which was not with me. So I bought a lesser phone, which was far better than the one I lost as that was now over two years old and therefore hopelessly outdated.

Packing my bag before coming home, what falls out from between the dirty socks but my lost phone. I am actually not surprised. This has happened to me before, losing something and looking high and low for it, and then having it turn up after replacing it. Telling you in person would be mortifying, but in the privacy of the page it’s not so hard to admit.

Once home, two phones in hand, I had to make a decision. Return the new phone or retire the old phone. The old phone was old, and my son’s is in far worse shape and needs to be replaced. He abuses them which is why it is worse, but should he get a new phone as a result.

At the store in town I give in to whim and moral order, and buy my iphone. The whim part is that I sincerely do not need it, but boy do I like it. The numbers are nice and large, which is great for large fingers and aging eyes. It is easy to use, doesn’t even have a manual because you don’t really need it. And yet it keeps my calendar, phone numbers, and collects my email effortlessly (which my other device can do but badly).

The moral order part is that now my son will get my old phone which is just like his beat up one, and that is as it should be – like hand me down cars and the like.

Strictly speaking, it is selfish, and expensive. Rationally, there is no justification for it. But boy can I rationalize one.

Help defray my guilt, then, and plant a tree, OK?

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