04 November 2007

More Apologies

Once again a long time has passed. Something is changing in the way I think and write. As I have dipped my foot into the challenge of a book, not only has it proved more complex intellectually it has proved itself more fraught emotionally. Well insulated areas of the mind have gotten frayed and so biography now bleeds into theology, psychology into epistemology, and so on.

This is good, meaning it feels right. But it is also very hard and some of the results are not ‘ready for prime time.’ When you summon the muse you can also get demons. They may be the same thing. I thought what I had to say was the same as what you need to hear. They overlap, but do not coincide.

So bear with me as I say a little less here and spend more time there. This must be the right thing as I wake up thinking about this tome and find it on my mind when it should be on other things. Some clarity about its shape and voice are emerging, but for me creation is a childbirth, getting harder the closer it gets and downright wrenching at the end.

And it’s not a pretty picture.

Gotta give blood today. I make my first gallon since being in GR. Not counting the symbolic pints spilled elsewhere and more frequently.

See ya!

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