27 November 2007

Last Chance!

I am admitting defeat.

Not only has it been over a week since my last post here, it has been weeks since my last post on Ranting Rev. Not that there's so little to say but life has gotten so busy - yes there is life outside of blog writing and reading - that I can only keep up with so much.

I will keep this one going, but the other two will be deleted by the end of the week.

On the good news front, I am slogging away at what has potential for a book length project. Truth be told, that's where my energy is right now, when I have the time to focus on it. hence my light posting even on this journal.

I notice that blogging itself is changing, when I have time to notice. I suspect it's "fifteen minutes" are more than half done. Video is the new medium, and that's more than I can or care to accomplish.

Funny, how paper, dreary old paper, may outlast them all. It is more durable than CDs or floppies and can be enjoyed without screens or even electricity.

Life is as much about the no's as the yes's. Saying no to a blog or two seems the right thing right now. Do stay with me on this one, you select few who drop in from time to time. I'll let my dreams of blogofame fade away and turn to the pedestrian ways of the printed word again.

1 comment:

James Harrington said...

I don't think I could drag myself through watching video blogs. I don't even watch TV, and I already am forced to spend too much time in front of a computer every day. Can't you pass your blogs to me printed on paper? Better yet, perhaps we should take up hand-written postal correspondence.

Uh... maybe not.