17 February 2007

The Tax Man Cometh

Time to start my taxes.  

Thirty years ago it was pretty simple stuff.  Even I could do it, and I did.  The little Luddite in me relished doing my taxes myself, even when software came around.  Being a clergyman helped, as we are odd ducks tax wise.  

OK, I got a letter from ye old IRS or my local state every two or three years saying I had made a mistake.  I always paid.  But even that got tired and so I finally bit the software bullet and it was a relief and a burden.  I did not have to do the math.  That’s the relief.  But I had to wade through every question in the world – S corps and alimony and depreciation.  That’s the burden.  Overall, though it was better and all the papers were now on my hard disk

Crash!  Went my hard disk about three years ago, and $2000 dollars later (yes, that’s the price of recovering a herniated hard disk) I had everything back but my tax files.  I filed by hand again the next year and then…

Crash! Went my life.  Two parents died in successive years leaving stuff to inherit and all.  I moved from one job to another, one home to another, such that in 2005 I had to file in six, that’s right, six jurisdictions.  (Old state, new state, feds, and two other states where inheritances had to be dealt with.  Also, there were two city income taxes, so I guess it really is eight in all)

Gave up.  Hired an accountant.  They did it, and figured my estimated.  Thankfully, this year I have only my home state, home town and the feds to worry about.  And maybe one other.  But that’s what God made accountants for.

Not cheap.  I could do it myself, I guess.  I could also plant my own wheat and raise my own chickens and train for a marathon.  But that’s not going to happen either.  

Is this laziness, age, or wealth?  I hope its laziness.

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Robin Edgar said...

I will take wealth any day. . . ;-)