13 February 2007

Open Wide!

Sometimes the body simply takes over.  

I find myself hungry for sweets all the time.  Craving is probably a better term.  Chocolate in particular, but any old sugar will do – from those stale jawbreaker ‘conversation hearts’ to those little sleeves of sweetarts, to the handful of butterscotch morsels I just snatched from a bag in the kitchen.

It took a while but the reason is dawning on me.  Winter.  The dark and cold are doing a number on me that our whole culture cannot escape.  Consider how from April through October we have very few holidays and those that do exist have no sugar involved.  But starting with Halloween (candy) and going through Thanksgiving (pumpkin pie) to Christmas (candy canes and cookies) to Valentine’s day (chocolate and those stale conversation hearts) to Easter (baskets with jelly beans and pips and candy eggs), we get assaulted by sweets.  

This cannot be accidental.  I think something in our limbic brains goes on a carbo binge, some vestige of a hibernating gene that wants us to get fat and sleep through the season.  That’s what I want to believe, anyway, and I’m sticking with it.  

Mind you, I am always ready for dessert, sadly, summer or winter.  But it really is harder in the winter.  That’s why I work out like a fiend.  The temptation is not totally resistable, so I bump my 4 miles to 5 through December and to 7 in January and February.  It helps keep me from adding more than actually losing.  I am holding pretty steady at 190.  

But this is also the season of benefits and banquets, and there too is my weakness.  I paid for the ticket and I jolly well plan to get my money’s worth, as it were.  Woe to me if the seat next to me empty.  More cheesecake!


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