06 November 2006

Without Apology

Sorry to have been away for so long.  

My happy duty was to focus on a milestone in the family.  Our eldest son graduated college this past weekend.  Objectively it was run of the mill, save that we all had to travel there and spend two nights so it was costly.  The ceremony was long - tedious in many respects – for the one 30 second occasion when our eldest marched across.  Going there involved driving through snow to one airport, taking two flights, crossing a national border with all the formalities of passports and customs and such.  It was colder and darker.  By itself it would not have been very grand or worth the time and money.

And yet, it was a great moment and a great weekend.  We paused in our life to notice where we were and relish that.  While my son visited with college friends and Profs the rest of us set up in a posh hotel that I have long dreamed of enjoying.  We were in one of our favorite cities and savoring the gentle difference from the US and the treat of being swells for a day or two.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely for no other reason than to enjoy ourselves.  It was an occasion to splurge because we had reached this place in our lives.  I commend self reward.  Especially when it comes in response to genuine effort and accomplishment.  

Now, we are back to regular life.  Tomorrow is Election Day.  My son is now merely unemployed.  The trees are almost entirely denuded of their leaves. My younger son faced two tests today.  A dear old church member died and needs the blessing or a memorial service.  And of course the frenzy of the holidays is rumbling on the horizon.  

“I’m so glad we had this time together,” as the Carol Burnett told us long ago.  Would that every week could in fact be like this.  In theory it can.  What makes this moment different from another in meaning or worth?  Nothing really, save that we say so.  Any day or hour can bring something majestic if we are prepared to see it.  So I wish to believe, at least.  Pray help me remember that any moment has embedded in it all the satisfaction and gratitude of those we easily recognize for such.  

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