19 November 2006

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Well it has been another long time. Gee, I used to be real regular with this posting stuff but lately have had something get in the way – life. Right after the trip north came the election, and with that some comment on the outcome on my other site. Then we had some home improvement to do - repainting a room and then (red faced embarrassment here) installing a large screen HD TV. I hasten to say I am not a football fan, or much of a TV watcher in general. My family, though (two out of three wear glasses you see) wanted one.

Was that excuse as lame as it looked writing it?

Anyway, stuff piled up, and Thanksgiving is on the way. That reminds me that I got into all this blog stuff as a result of broadcasting a "December Diary" last year. Has it really been a year? And now I wonder if I dare do something like that again. Opinions?

Well, today is the Sunday before Thanksgiving and our church annual meeting. Time to inpsire the people to do their democratic (small case!) duty. Trouble is, I really believe in all that. As I told someone at a potluck over the weekend, I never stopped being a Boy Scout. All that "trustworthy loyal helpful" stuff still makes sense to me. And yet I would never consider myself the pollyanna - babbitt - shirley temple - orphan annie sort at all. I have a good healthy dose of irony and cynicism in me.

I guess being consistent is not my fate. Hey, it would be boring at the least. But it does not make for a great leaderly personality where consistency is power.

"You say I contraidct myself. Very well, I contradict myself. I am large, I contain multitudes." - Whitman (as recollected)

Stirring no?

He went to his death hawking his book from a box while sitting on the streets of Camden New Jersey.

Gotta rethink this one.

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