13 April 2006

Holy Sh-t Week

It is holy, and it's a big steaming pile of work too. So I haven't had time to make a posting. But I did start another blog!

What? Well, here's the deal. I received a letter from a young woman in a Christian high School I visited as a guest speaker. She posed some really good questions. Answering them will take more than one letter. I also thought some other might find the conversation worth eavesdropping on, so here' s the connection - www.LettersToAYoungChristian.blogspot.com

The letter is very long, so set aside the time to read it. It is not a drop by, and I would say skip it until you are ready. I would love your responses to it as well.

Merry Easter, Holy Passover, or whatever lights your eyes this week.


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