13 March 2006

Into each life...

"a little rain must fall," as they say. In this case a little wind, or rather a lof of wind. Which by mid afternoon had split the ancient enormous hackberry between my house and the neighbor causing part to land on my eave. I came home, called the tree guys. They came, shook their heads, and promised to be back tomorrow morning. Estimated cost, $4000. There was a little damage to the roof, near a corner in the back but not too much.

Came back from my evening meeting. The tree with an assist from gravity, had now slipped further, tearing off a portion of the eave and gutter. Soon after arriving home, it slipped off the back roof entirely and now rests on the back porch. This is structurally slightly stronger. But I hear cracks and snaps and am pretty sure it will collapse overnight. There is nothing out there I need to save, but my recycling bins are there and garbage bin is in the garage and tuesday night is garbage and recylcing night. At least the cars are out of the way.

Unless the other side of the gtree falls. If so, it will destroy the neighbors roof first, it's brand new by the way and he has the house on the market too, before falling on my car. Banner day!

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