14 March 2006

Going Schizo

Well, I finally had to admit that Jekyll and Hyde had to split up. It's no problem in my head, you see. But it is a challlenge to others.

Sometimes I am the thoughtful, vulnerable, guy poet who muses on the lunacies and merriments found in daily life and its oft overlooked mysteries. And other times I am the firebreathing firebrand of matters social and political, who loves to indulge intense irony and withering sarcasm. Like I said, it all makes sense to me, but you have found it hard.

You go to my original blog looking for spiritual insight and get incendiary politics. You come back a day later for a caffeine jolt of commentary and find Captain Kangaroo.

It's just not fair. Only a man's family should have to endure my perpetual personal and professional PMS. The rest of you should be spared. So I will do my haranguing and jousting over there, in the new blog www.ranting-rev.blogspot.com. For those who want the ruminating, pondering, slyly insightful aw-shucks kind of guy, go back to original recipe.

Think of it as expanding the menu. There the original and...

Extra Crispy!

Dig in.


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