14 March 2006

Crash, Bang!

As expected, the wind and weight took the tree down onto my back porch collapsing the upper portion around midnight. It cut my cable service but not my electric. The north side of the tree is actually leaning on the neighbor’s house, but seems not to have done real damage to it.

As I am writing, the tree removal people are slowly trimming it back from the south neighbor’s driveway. My north neighbor, of the tree leaning, has graciously allowed us to remove a fence between us to bring a truck around behind his house and onto my driveway which is not only too narrow for a truck but not obstructed by the fallen tree. It’s quite an operation underway.

I called the electric company which came to inspect the power line and pronounced it sound though stressed. They will have to come again when the debris is removed. But for the moment I have power. Also spoke to the insurance company this morning and they approved tree removal and emergency repairs to guard against snow and rain through the open eaves. There will be a lot of clean up and contracting and rebuilding and permits and re-sodding and replanting and who knows what else.

My nasty side wants to know why it could not have happened to my garage which is old and needs to be replaced. But ours is not to reason why. My only consolation is that this is a rare occurrence, and so sets gives me the false sense of being ‘pre-disastered’ as Robin Williams’ Garp declared after a plane plowed into his house.

More later. No doubt.

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